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This is the website of a research project run jointly by the Global Development Institute (GDI, University of Manchester) and the Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID, University of Sheffield). The project will attempt to map and give insight into the operations of and relationships within the UK-based international development NGO (INGO) sector.

The UK INGO sector is likely the most remarkable in the world; many of the most influential development NGOs are based or have originated here. Relative to the size of the UK, the sector is the largest and most complex globally, and one that has experienced persistent growth in recent decades. Despite these observations our understanding of the sector as a whole is surprisingly limited.

The purpose of this project is to provide an overview of the structure, networks and foci of the UK development NGO sector. Using information already available in the public domain, the project will focus on members of BOND, along with those that form Scotland’s International Development Alliance, SWIDN and SYIDN (all four networks established to connect UK-based development NGOs). By cross-referencing the membership directories of these networks with financial reports already publicly available via the Charity Commission and the Scottish Charity Regulator we aim to effectively ‘map’ the sector. This will be achieved by answering questions such as those outlined here.

Please direct queries or feedback to mappingdevelopmentngos@gmail.com or use the form below. You can also follow SIID on Twitter and Facebook for project updates.

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