Check your data

This link will take you to a drop box file with a large Excel database. To operate the checker, simply type your charity number into the yellow square and the data that we have about your organisation should appear automatically.

Our data concern income and expenditure for all organisations on our list from 2009-2015. We also have a breakdown of the sources of income (2009-2014), activities, partnerships and geography of current activities for a sub-sample of this list. A chart detailing what information we hold for each included organisation can be downloaded in Excel, Word, Pdf format.

Please be warned that this is a large excel file – 35MB – and will slow down some machines. Please also be warned that the different sources of data have different origins and problems. We are painfully aware that much of it is incomplete and inaccurate. We do not see our work as a good map which needs fine-tuning, but a first map which needs a good deal of work. Your input and corrections will help to provide that so thank you, in advance, for engaging with this project.

If specific data about your organisation are inaccurate or incomplete, or missing altogether, then please send your comments and corrections to:

Updated: 18/10/2017