Research Questions

In brief, this project will address four specific areas:

  1. The structure of the UK development NGO sector

This will include understanding the size of organisations (defined using both financial data and staff numbers); exploring growth rates within the sector; and researching how these organisations are connected, virtually and otherwise through existing networks.

  1. The foci of the UK development NGO sector

We will attempt to construct an overview of the thematic areas in which these organisations work, while investigating if categorisation of the foci is possible.

  1. The history and geographical distribution of the UK development NGO sector

This aspect will explore where organisations are based in the UK and where they operate; when these organisations were established and how they have developed in recent years; and seek to understand any in-country partner organisations they may collaborate with.

  1. The finance and funding of the UK development NGO sector

This will include querying how funding patterns and fundraising costs have changed over time.

It is hoped that our findings will enable more strategic thinking with regard to some aspects of development and the UK development NGO sector – including to allow for greater ease when responding to stakeholders (e.g. DfID), that may be seeking strategic engagements with the sector as a whole, rather than with individual organisations.